Project MyUSA

Presidential Innovation Fellows


Project MyUSA is a series of open source projects and is supported by the efforts of an entire community. We’d love for you to get involved. Whatever your level of skill or however much time you can spare, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Currently we only have a few public repositories as part of the Github account for the GSA Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. These repo’s are listed below and as more open up we will highlight them here. We are also considering creating a developer focused mailing list, but in the meantime, please sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on twitter or other channels, and check back on this page for updates.

Open Source Repositories

The primary GitHub Organization for the project is GSA-OCSIT. Some of the repositories hosted there are listed below:

Ways to Contribute

As our code becomes public there are a number of ways for people to contribute. Below are just some of the general ways to participate, but we will be updating these with links and more specific pointers in the near future.

  • Everyone - Help expand documentation and answer questions to make it easier for other users to get started and join relevant discussions to help shape the project’s future.
  • Users - Download and test the latest development version of the project and submit bug reports or feature requests.
  • Internationalization - Contribute translations in other languages
  • Technical Folks - Fork the development versions and submit a pull request, especially for any known issues.